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neon v2.0 sneak peek

website launch, neon sources, binaries and effects released.

what's all that about?
neon is a realtime 3d generated (using your 3daccelerator card) graphics vjtool. This software was selfdeveloped and used in all the xplsv.com gigs.

The 6deks vjtool mixes effects created with 3pxstudio which can use images, 3dscenes exported with 3DStudioMAX and also videos (Indeo 5.1). That effects composer software was developed for create and edit all realtime generated motions (also called "demos") and used in the firsts productions released at threepixels.org.

status: discontinued
We are releasing all the sources and files to apport this new vjtool to the vjworld (no more resolume-unsynchedvideos). So feel free to use it and also you can continue the project adding new features. The best point of the tool is the realtime rendering of 3dscenes, is up to you to modify the scenes with the sound as you want ;)

Please, let us know at neon(at)xplsv.com if you do any change or new feature for it.

3pxstudio041108.rar download
Effects composer
neon041108.rar download

neonEffects041108.rar download
Last trace's effects/scenes used at bcnparty'100 gig. (add them at Effects folder)

neondrop041108.rar download
3pxstudio, MAX exporter and neon

neon v1.0 - simpleFAQ